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Welcome to the new and improved Aliberti Art Tile website! Now you can purchase items online from our tile gallery as well as read about the artist's techniques and view the portfolio.

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Welcome to Aliberti Art Tile

Aliberti Art Tile specializes in vibrant architectural ceramics. We create tile, murals, planters, fountains, fireplaces and tables through a wide variety of techniques.

We strive to create inspiring and architectural-conscious work by considering forms and rhythms that exist on site. We utilize traditional hand-forming techniques while embracing contemporary full-service studio design, as well as stocking our original, boutique tile line - all to help our clients realize their dreams.

The clay-body is regionally supplied and specially engineered sculpture body with a high-recycled material content. The ceramics retain its shape and strength even in the harshest surroundings. It is made of ecologically benign minerals and is truly a sustainable, maintenance-free material.

Since 1994, Gregory Aliberti has won numerous awards and has appeared in a number of national galleries and publications; Guild Source Book 23, 500 Tiles, and China Paint and Overglaze. I enjoy the versatility of clay, the way it can be manipulated to transform a spontaneous impression into a permanent vision. The unmatched boldness of fired color and the play of light across sculptural forms captivates me. The intent is to enhance our built surroundings in a tactile vernacular that is interactive by nature. From computer to tile to installation, I oversee every step to ensure the highest level of craftsmanship.