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Lillia's Hand-made Tile Bath Lillia's Hand-made Tile Bath

Hand-made tile counter, wall accents and bench makes this bathroom installation unforgettable.

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Octagon Doily with Diamond, 1997 Octagon Doily with Diamond, 1997

This is an example of using common objects as the basis of a mold. In this case, doilies were used to create the 25 sq.' of tile. Installed in a century home in Willoughby Hills, Ohio, these tiles create a unique backsplash not soon to be forgotten.

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Rockefeller Hexagon Re-creation Rockefeller Hexagon Re-creation

Hand-made 4" Hexagon Green tile floor to replace damaged original tile.

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Rockefeller Stoneware Archway, 2000 Rockefeller Stoneware Archway, 2000

The burnt almond glaze of the relief tile of this archway complement the companion interior elements of this private home in Forest Hills, East Cleveland. JD Rockefeller built the Rockefeller Homes in the 1920s as homes for his upper level managers of Standard Oil. This archway is 8 feet wide and 9 feet high and is an impressive part of the main living area.

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Stoneware Fireplace, 2000 Stoneware Fireplace, 2000

Created with extruded relief tile, this fireplace and mantle is displayed in The Fireplace Store in Macedonia, Ohio. It measures 4' x 3' x 5' and can be recreated with a variety of glazing and firing techniques. The tiles can also be arranged in different compositions, creating a variation of sizes and dimensions for any fireplace and mantel, existing or new.

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Sylvia's Restoration Sylvia's Restoration

This project was a restoration.
We reproduced tile accessories, ie. soap dishes, & wall tile. through out the room including all new tile above checkered band to turn the bath into a shower.

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Hanging Planter Hanging Planter

18" h x 24" w. These planters are hand pressed from plaster molds, cast from an originally thrown form and have a sprigged leaf band. The band can be custom designed to a client's preference.

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Tile Address Tile Address

Example of custom tile address sign 4"h x 16"w x 3/4"d

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